Skyrim: Extended Cut

is an upcoming mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that overhauls the game's main storyline, adding new quests, choices, challenges and characters.



Experience an overhauled version of Skyrim's main storyline, with a longer playtime and additional detail.


Make consequential decisions during dialogue and gameplay that impact the plot, characters and environment.


Battle new and overhauled bosses and enemies in handcrafted and refreshed dungeons and encounter zones.


Forge bonds with your allies and adventure alongside new followers as you strive to defeat your foes.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, we cannot offer a concrete release date. When a release date is set, we will announce it on our social media channels and website.
Currently, support is planned for PC (via Nexus Mods) and Xbox consoles (via Support is not possible for PlayStation consoles. Support for VR is still being tested and discussed.
EC requires a legal and up to date copy of Skyrim: Special Edition for the given platform. EC does not impact the game's performance. No third-party mods will be required to use EC, but SKSE and SkyUI are required to utilize the Mod Congifuration Menu on PC. The Unofficial Patch is recommended, but not necessary.
Yes, Skyrim: Extended Cut requires you to begin a clean save file. It will not function correctly on existing save files, even if you have not started the main quest.
Skyrim: Extended Cut overhauls the Skyrim main questline and the Dragonborn DLC main questline. The Civil War questline, Dawnguard DLC main questline, and other questlines such as guilds are not included in the overhaul. These questlines may be overhauled separately in the future.
This is not feasible to keep track of at this time.
Skyrim, and by extension Skyrim EC, are rated M for Mature and contain Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol. There is no explicit nudity or sex in the mod. We are not responsible for third-party extensions to the mod that may add more explicit content.
We are not accepting open applications for developers, voice actors, or alpha/beta/QA testers at this time. We generally recruit new developers directly. If a public developer application or voice cast audition opens, we will announce it on our social media channels and website.
If you are a 3D artist with a substantive portfolio of Skyrim work or music composer and are interested in contributing to Skyrim: EC, you can get in touch with us at contact [at]